Friday, March 27, 2009

The Wonder of Flowers

The flowers are symbol of love and peace and spread the fragrance around us. The freshness and beauty of flowers soothe our eyes and revitalizes the body and mind. They not only enhance visual beauty of the place but cheer up moods also. Here are given some of uses of the flowers.
  • Flowers bathroom: Fresh flowers add to the freshness of bath and make the whole bathroom fragrant. On or more fresh flowers help set up the romantic atmosphere in bathroom. Glass or color vases offer a nice touch to the texture of bathroom.
  • Flowers in dining room: Make use of fresh flowers as a showpiece on dining room table. Select the flowers according to the style and decoration of dining hall. For simple, elegant table furnishing, you can put a sequence of flashing vases or candles on table cloth. Refreshing flowers in every vase creates astonishing atmosphere throughout mealtime or casual dinners. The candles make stimulating blend with sophistication of flowers. A lonely daisy or some other fresh flowers cherish the mood and create feel of love for nature.

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