Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How to decorate your veranda?

To enhance aesthetic sense and give wings to exterior beauty of your house, you should decorate the porch or veranda in your house. A well decorated veranda gives ornamental space where you sit and relax in leisurely hours. Here are a few tips to decorate veranda of your house.
  • Make use of colorful furniture: you can place one, two or more than two articles of furniture according to the space available but make sure that it does not create a clutter. Choose light or dark color furniture but keep in mind that light color makes the space look larger whereas the dark colors make the space look small.
  • Illuminate veranda with table lamps: Table lamps create aesthetic look and offer warm atmosphere in veranda. They are available in different styles and colors and match with the d├ęcor. Use string light around veranda if you want to enjoy more lighting in the evening.
  • Place decorative pieces: these decorative pieces give final touch to the beauty of porch making it attractive. You can use plants, beautiful vases for decoration to change the look of your veranda.

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