Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dampness Treatment Tips

Dampness spoils the beauty of walls and contents of the building. It is harmful to human beings also. If dampness is not treated timely, it can damage furnishings, structural elements and beauty contents of the house. Here are given some tips for treatment of dampness in the house.
  • Fix proper windows and good quality ventilators for proper ventilation in the house.
  • Repair cracked or missing tiles on the roof immediately to avoid dampness in roof.
  • Patch up broken joints and cracks in the wall as soon as possible to evade humidity due to blockage of gutters.
  • Mend plumbing leakages and insulate pipes and tanks to prevent freeing in winter season.
  • Apply damp proof paint to prevent the spread of moisture.
  • Fix insulating rubber between doors and their frames.
  • Apply damp proof course at the base of walls. It is usually waterproof coating such as bituminous or slate covering.

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