Thursday, March 12, 2009

Material purchasing guidelines from

Do you know homeowners can be charged of more money while purchasing raw materials and during execution construction works? You can save lots of money on your home construction projects following ‘Raw Material Purchasing Guidelines’ from www.
  • Buy quality cement and bricks: The strength of a building depends on the quality of cement which should be from a reputed manufacturer bearing his trade mark and its grade. The cement of inferior quality can cause cracks in building. Also ensure that first class bricks are used for foundation and strong construction.
  • Purchase good steel bars: Steel bars should be sound, free from cracks, surface flaws, laminations, jagged and imperfect edges. They are free from dust, loose rust, and coats of paints, oil or other coatings which reduce the strength of bond. The steel bar is bent accurately to the size and shape as shown in drawings.
  • Ensure the quality of marble and granite: Marble stone should be hard, sound, dense, and homogeneous in texture. It should be uniform in color, veining and be free from stains, cracks, decay and weathering etc. Granite is becoming popular as it is hard and available a variety of colors. Check patches, discoloration, hairlines, cracks, deep pin holes on the surface.

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