Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wicker Furniture & Cedar Furniture

Wicker furniture is in trend for interior as well as exterior and comprises of flexible branches, vines of bamboo, rattan, reed or synthetic material that is woven into a pattern. The furniture is light in weight; easy to position anywhere in exterior and can easily be moved to indoors in case the weather changes. All weather proof weaker furniture is made from resin wicker as it can hold harsh weather conditions.

Cedar furniture is trendy as outdoor furniture for its durability, resistance quality and easy maintenance. This hardwood produces natural oil that keeps the furniture away from cracking, drying or fading. The sweet smell of the furniture is highly attractive. In fact the scent that comes from oil is naturally released by the cedar. It is also resistant to fungus. This is the reason people prefer cedar furniture for their decks and gardens. Let’s find out more tips on exterior furniture.

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