Thursday, September 25, 2008

How to Decorate Bedroom Ceiling

An eye-catching bedroom ceiling gives pleasant experience to the guests and friends who visit the house. A nice ceiling design with elegant crown molding, intricate panel molding corners highlight architecture of the room. You can also make ceiling look higher by using blue, navy and royal sky colors in lighter shades. Apply navy blue along edges where ceiling meets walls. Paint ceiling in lighter version of the wall color. This will give a feeling of comfort and intimacy. The ceiling should not be white. The ceiling with darker colors tends to visually bring it closer and make the space warmer and cozier.

Painting walls and ceiling in same color can create a calm space. A chandelier with metal or glass beads and pendants enhances aesthetic beauty of the place. A ceiling fan should have an attractive piece that complements your room design like you can install a fan with blades in different shapes and textures. A canopy bed with dressing that hangs from ceiling can give splendor and warmth. Let’s find out other interesting tips for d├ęcor of bedroom ceiling.
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