Monday, September 8, 2008

Requisites of Rose Plantation

There are three requisites, perfect soil, proper light and gentle air for proper plantation of roses. Heavy loam soil is ideal as it can hold moisture. Any good garden soil will definitely grow wonderful roses. You can also adapt a soil if it is too heavy or sandy. If the soil is heavy, you should dig l8 inches deep beds of roses and then refill them with about one third rotten manure compost added to the clay. If the soil is sandy, you can further improve this soil by digging it about two feet.

Prepare mixture taking two-third sand and one third vegetable material, manures, a loam soil (compost) or some other decomposition of plants and leaves. Roses need sunlight of low intensity to grow properly. When it is extreme hot and sunrays directly fall on roses, the growth of roses is stopped. Try to plant your roses in such a way that they are surrounded by trees, buildings, or high shrubs to protect them against wind blow. Let’ find out more tips on plantation approach.

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