Thursday, September 4, 2008

Various Traps

There are many types of traps like Gully Traps, P. Trap, S. Trap, Floor Trap, Grease Trap, Bottle Trap, Q. Trap etc. Gully Traps are constructed outside the building to carry waste water discharge from washbasin, sinks, bathroom etc. and are connected to the nearest building drain/sewer so that foul gases from sewer do not come to the house. P. Trap is made from cast iron or UPV sheet. S. Trap is similar to P. trap and is used for fixing water closets in toilets. Floor Trap or Nahini Trap is provided in the floor to collect waste water from washbasin, shower, sink and bathroom etc.

Intercepting Trap is provided at the last main hole of building sewerage to prevent entry of foul gases from public sewer to building sewer. Grease Trap is a device to collect the grease contents of waste and can be cleaned from the surface. Bottle trap is used below washbasin and sinks to prevent entry of foul gases. Q Trap is used in toilet under water closet. It is almost similar to S trap and is used in upper storey other than ground floor. Let’s know more about the traps.

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