Monday, September 1, 2008

Advantages, Disadvantages & Common Defects of A.C.C. Sheet Roofing

ACC sheet roofing is economical. It covers more space with less intermediate supports and remains cool. It takes less time for fixation as compared to RCC roof. This roof has some disadvantages also. It has problem of breakage and leakage. It is not so safe against disaster and can not be used for second storey. ACC sheet roof has some defects like the sheets are punched rather than they are drilled for making holes into bolts.

Wrong holes are made at some places and are not closed in later. The lap length of sheet is not proper. Cracked sheets are used for roofing. Hooks’ bolts are loose and the length of hooks’ bolts is not as per specification. Bitumen and G.I. limpet washers used are of sub standard. Bitumen washers are not provided at some places. Let’s find out more about ACC sheet roofing.

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