Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Three levels of Lighting Used in Homes

There are three levels of lighting that is used to add to the beauty of home and helps in proper working at home. The first one is ‘Low-level lighting’ which is used for relaxation or for watching television. The second is ‘Moderate-level lighting’ which is used for short time such as for eating, doing exercise etc. The third one is ‘High-level lighting’ that is used for complicated tasks.

There are some other methods that are useful to get the best lighting. For example keep reading lamps at the height of shoulder. If you write with your right hand, place the lamp at left side to get a shadow free light while working. Do opposite if you are left handed. Use ion-max lamp for reading since the lamp produces natural lighting and reduces stress from eyes. Let’s find out more tips on lighting for homes.

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