Thursday, September 11, 2008

How to Construct Brick Masonry Overhead Water Tank

Brick masonry water storage tanks are constructed for storage of water. They are of two types- overhead water storage tanks and under ground water storage tanks. Brick masonry overhead tank should be constructed nearest to the fittings through which the water is supplied so that long horizontal length of GI pipes could be avoided. The tank should be constructed 30 to 45 cm above from the terrace to provide easy cleaning under storage tank.

All fittings such as supply pipes, distribution pipes, over flow pipes, and air vent pipes should be fixed during construction of the wall for water tank. Any hole should not be drilled after completion of construction. If it’s done, leakage problems may occur. Apply vibrated cement concrete in 1:1.5:3 ratios for top and bottom slab. The slab and sides of water tank should be plastered and rendered with cement slurry to avoid leakage. This tank should be circular or rectangular in shape. Proper over flow pipe should be fixed and be connected to the rainwater pipe. Ball valve /Ball Cock should be fixed into the tank to avoid overflow.

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