Thursday, November 13, 2008

Useful tips on Dining Room Lighting

To create pleasing ambiance while having meal in dining room, the following tips prove to be very useful.

  • Install ceiling light fixtures to enhance stylishness of dining room.
  • Focus dining table surface with down ceiling lights to reduce glare on eyes while taking meal.
  • Use candles and fuel lamps to make your dinner highly special.
  • Hang chandeliers at 30-36 inches above dining table to enjoy stunning light.
  • Make use of dimmer to make meal time pleasing for every occasion.
  • Go for general lighting above or around dining room table. Recessed lighting can be set on a dimmer switch for good mood.
  • Make use of recessed lighting for cabinets, wall sconces above table. Usually one recessed fixture for every 4 to 6 feet of ceiling space is required for general lighting.
  • Utilize fluorescent and halogen lights to offer a wide variety of color choices.
  • Provide special lighting effects or low voltage mini lights on chinaware and crockery units.
Let’s find out more dinning room lighting tips to enjoy meal with family and friends.

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