Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome back to GharExpert.com:)

Welcome; I don't know the box office fate of the movie "Welcome" but it has a very interesting name and theme song. A lot of channels have been playing the song since morning, giving the movie some free publicity, a dream every business venture has :) I know it's not relevant for this post but hey this is a blog :)

This being my first post of 2008, I thought I would start by highlighting one of the most important feature on our website, that is the Question and Answer section of GharExpert.com available at


I know when you start working on a construction project you need answers immediately. Though we don't promise the same day answers but we do try hard to answer the same day with a maximum of 2 business days. We work hard to ensure that the answers are relevant and have the details required to fix the problem. So next time when you get stuck with a construction query. Shoot it to us :) and keep reading http://www.GharExpert.com

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