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Top 11 articles published on in 2007; Ghar Expert India's Interior Decoration Network

Happy 2008 to all of you!

Thank you all for supporting by reading, subscribing, commenting and linking. now ranks #1 on Google for the term "Ghar Expert" and this is not possible without the tremendous support that you guys have shown for this effort.

For your reading pleasure; here are a list of articles that were published since our launch in Oct 2007; ones we really love.

1. Cook with colors!

The kitchen is considered the heart of a home. Paint your kitchen in perfect colors to make cooking a pleasure.

2. Love thy Bedroom!

Bedroom not only reflects your lifestyle but also displays ample evidence of couple’s love for each other.

3. Apun Ka Style!

Welcome to a world where a table can make you smile, a painting can make you laugh and the ceiling can ignite your dreams!

4. Wood is hot!

With more options than ever before, wooden flooring is new style trend.

5. Add color accents to your living room!

Living room reflects your personality and style; decorate it with deep understanding and enthusiasm.

6. What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu helpsin maintaining a dynamic balance between form and energy to create harmonious homes and other buildings.

7. Fireproof Home!

Fire is friendly when used with utmost care but it is often destructive when not handled properly.

8. Energy Saving Tips!

It is our obligation to the mother nature and it makes a lot of economic sense too.

9. Why home makers should hire an architect?

Surprisingly, a number of home-owners in India use architect's services just as a rubber stamp to get the required approval! compiled a list of reasons why a fulltime architect should be hired. Add yours!

10. Kids Room recipe

The world of children is full of fantasy and wonderful dreams and children ned an environment which is colorful and fulfill their innocent ambitions

11. Through rate contractor; guidelines for a better relationship!

Do you want to build a dream home but are worried about the day-to-day construction hassles, a through rate contractor can help.

Now, as we go into 2008, if there are construction, interior decoration, vastu or any other lifestyle topics that you'd like to see addressed in, please leave a comment and we will work on it promptly. Keep reading :)

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