Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fixing the cracked heart of a building :)

It's amazing how a tiny little precaution measure at the time of constructing a building can save tonnes of moolah later on. It is so true "A stitch in time saves nine"

GharExpert.com has been working on a series of articles where lay-man home makers could watch out for simple precautions at the time of constructing a home and avoid potentially expensive repairs later on.

The first article is "How to avoid cracks in the building"


And the second article in this series is
"How to repair cracks in the building"


So if you are going to say "yeah... so much about creativity in writing the article titles" then check out the www.GharExpert.com home page, may be the cute little broken heart picture as a thumb nail for this article impress you :)


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