Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Closely knit Interior decoration community

Today we launched the all new 2008 GharExpert.com website. Sounds like a car launch does it :) I was soooooo dying to make this announcement that I opened this blog as soon as I finished my last review of the website.

The first change is a new section by the name “Fresh at Ghar Expert”. This section summarizes and highlights all activities happening on the website. It is kind of interesting, as it is an attempt to merge the editor controlled contents along with the community driven contents on the same space. It also makes things interesting as individual opinions of users are delivered fresh, unadulterated, untouched to the community. Of course our editors team reviews almost every thing to make sure that the contents are appropriate but that is done in the spirit of keeping the content clean so that every one can enjoy it. So now if you have your whole Ghar to decorate or just a small room, logon to GharExpert.com and let the experts from the Ghar Expert team help you design your dream home.

In my next post I will highlight other enhancements. Enjoy 

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