Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Official Ghar Expert blog is here :)

Finally the Ghar Expert team launched the official blog for

It is available at

I know the moment I make this announcement, users will be like, hmm.. why another blog, when you have a blog at Blogspot. So here are the reasons why we added a separate blog. is the team blog exclusively for the Ghar Expert team members who would share the background story about the GharExpert development. This will be more technical blog to satisfy the blogging appetite of our geeky resources including me :)

The official blog of GharExpert available at is for the official announcements about the site and would have content that would interest our primary readers that is people doing construction and interior decoration projects. Would they have overlaps, may be; would it be fun, I hope so; would it help, you let us know :)

Keep reading :)

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