Friday, January 11, 2008

Interior Decoration website or a magazine?

What would you prefer; an interior decoration website, an interior decoration magazine or both. Well before I start the topic I have a confession to make. does not have a paper publication for interior decoration so my comments would be biased for the website :) but I would like you guys to take whichever side you want.

  • Magazines, especially the interior decoration ones, are really glossy which is cool
  • Magazines are handy, you can take them anywhere. This is better for Indian conditions as you have to take the concept to the work site to get things implemented.
  • Websites are interactive, you can interact with the website organizers and communicate with other community members. I like this one the most as we will be launching cool community features on Ghar Expert website shortly.
  • Websites can have unlimited contents. Theoretically you can find pretty much every thing on a website well done. In case of a magazine you can get only a couple of months issue and then you have no idea what was there in the magazine before.
  • Websites can have multimedia contents that make things interesting for readers.
  • Websites can not go to the site, unless of course with a laptop and a wireless internet connection and websites are not glossy... Food for thought for the GharExpert team.

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