Monday, August 18, 2008

Vastu and Interior of House

Vastu verifies some rules for every interior element of the house. It ensures to lay mosaic, ceramic tile and marble flooring. Avoid white marble in rooms as this is considered auspicious for Pooja room and Temples. The ceiling of a room should not be elevated. Flat ceiling is good for residential purposes.

Lighting should be bright in the house because dim light is not favorable for residents of the house. Vastu says to use paint of light color preferably light blue, green, pink and cream color for rooms. Avoid red and black color in the house. The curtains of light color are preferred for bedroom. Avoid red and black color curtains in bedroom. The curtains of dark color can be used in living room. Vastu recommends placing mirror on north and east wall of the room. Avoid mirror in study room and opposite to bed in bedroom. Let’s decorate interior of the house according to Vastu.

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