Sunday, June 15, 2008

Filler Slabs Ceilings

The filler slabs result in fewer loads getting transferred to the load-bearing walls and foundations. The air gap between the tiles makes it a good heat insulator and the ceiling looks attractive as well. Filler slab as projection creates an interesting articulation. Light weight filler materials will reduce dead weight as well as the cost of the slab up to 25% (as 40% less steel is used and 30% less concrete).

Other favored filler materials include clay pots, stabilized mud blocks, brick or brick panel, broken pieces of cement blocks and even coconut shells. The quantity of concrete in the zone of tension of the slab that can be replaced by a filler material depends upon the shape of the filler material and the thickness of the solid slab. Here are more things on Filler Slab.

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