Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tips for decorating Kids room

Castles, dragons and fairies are written about in books and are captured in the hearts of children everywhere. But they do not have to stay in a child's imagination. Parents can help to make those dreams come true in their child's room. Here are given a few tips to decorate your kids’ room.
Placing Cribs……..The furniture requirement will depend on the age of the child and after a particular age, even the gender of the child will affect this choice. For babies, a crib would be suitable. A crib could be placed in parent’s room but if child’s room is adjacent and easily assessable to parent’s room, this could be kept in child’s room also.

The crib should have sidewalls of slats that do not have a gap of more than a couple of inches so that soft toys could not fall down. One of the sidewalls should be collapsible so that the mattress could be easily changed. The crib should be of a height that allows picking and laying the baby with ease. It should have the possibility of hanging some toys that the baby could be amused with.
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